My artworks are available in the online shops listed below as wall art or on several surfaces such as home decor items, apparel, accessories, or tech gear decoration.

+ Surreal Genesis

a visual story about everything and also nothing

the hello (part 1)

the hello (part 2)

the hello (part 3)

beginnings and relations

underwater gathering

running eyes, lips and nose

the surreal dragon

+ Portraits of Masks

face decoration for my imaginary friends

girl with te most beautiful eyes

mr. cat the great traveler

trust the clown

the all-seing tranquility

kindly expressed kind of kindness

watch my lips

+ Daemons

half divine half human creatures

say something

the dancing couple

x-stitch lover

complicated times

much less speachless

party party fun fun

+ Emotional empaths

cute quirky creatures

feel the love

lonely creature with rose bush

friends with costumes

+ When I'm a cat...

my life becomes so different...

When I'm a cat - I am a Tarot card

When I'm a cat - I pretend to work

When I'm a cat - I drink long coffees

+ Creatures from the Moodlands

peculiar friendly characters

gymnast couple in the forest

prehistoric hi5

clown trompetist

clown and lots of dots

I bass play a song for you

Love you Potato

+ Pets from previous lives

peculiar friendly fauna

lazy summer talk & walk

hello, I'm Solo

jolly Rhi

+ Zentangle

zendoodle patterns

zen doodle wind

repetitive precious

festive cycles

wave-stripe pattern

doodle crystals

curly zen doodle

+ Geomethnic

cheerful patterns inspired by everything

dots and shreds and colors

levitating over the leather rainbow

squares of colors and shreds

+ Naturally

nature inspired drawings and patterns

the rhyme of repetitive elements

basic rhythm

the moon's cycle and lines and dots

carbon roses and colordots

watercolor trees

peculiar birds

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surreal art prints, apparel, bags, umbrellas, teddy bears and more...
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art prints, apparel, home decor, bags, cases, skins, notebooks and more...
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gallery quality art prints, apparel, home decor and more...
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